Investment Oversight Committee

We have established the investment oversight committee to formalise the process by which we select and recommend investments, discretionary fund managers and platforms to our clients.

The committee meets quarterly to discuss the outlook for each asset class to determine our tactical view and consider what divergence if any should be made from the model strategic asset allocations for each risk grade.

We will also review the model asset allocations and the process by which they are selected to ensure this continues to meet our standards.

The second aspect which the committee is responsible for is the selection of the investment funds which we consider to be suitable to gain access to the recommended asset classes.

The fund selection process is conducted using independent research provided by Rayner Spencer Mills.  We then consider the output of this research to establish our preferred investment panel, which will include Multi-Manager funds which meet our requirements for asset allocation.

Once a fund has been selected, it will be regularly monitored by the investment committee.

The investment oversight committee will also select and monitor our preferred panel of Discretionary Investment Managers to ensure that they continue to offer good value to our clients.  To ensure we have a robust selection process, we use independent financial research provided by Asset Risk Consultants to determine who will be on our panel.

In addition to our own input to the investment oversight committee we receive regular input from leading investment managers and fund groups to ensure that we are taking a considered broad view in setting our asset allocation policy and selecting appropriate funds.

We also have a formal selection and review process in place to determine which platforms our clients may use, this independent research is provided by AKG Actuaries and Consultants.

By formalising our investment process, we ensure that all clients receive the same high standard of investment advice, regardless of portfolio size.