Welcome to AGL Wealth Management

Too often, clients of investment managers and financial advisers are unclear about the true nature of their relationship with the person they’ve trusted to help them, including how and how much that person is compensated. I believe your adviser should be working for you rather than selling investments and insurance to you, and should only have your best interest in mind. If you’ve ever had the feeling that your adviser isn’t on your side, or has different priorities than you do, you may very well be right.

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read my introduction to AGL Wealth Management. I started this company in 2009 because of my lifelong passion for investing, and the great sense of satisfaction and enjoyment I felt helping people achieve peace of mind with their financial situation through financial planning, investment management and education.

There’s a need for personalised, transparent, unbiased, and expert advice on investing and financial planning. In these uncertain, volatile and rapidly changing times, it has never made more sense to seek professional advice in planning your financial future, but it is imperative that the advice you take is for your benefit, rather than your adviser’s.

That’s why at AGL we’ve built a wealth management and corporate solutions business that doesn’t sell any products other than our advice, and makes sure you always know how much you’re paying, and what you’re getting in return. We’re only successful when you’re satisfied, so we consider our clients our partners in success. As a fee-only adviser firm, we are only compensated by you, our client, so our only interest is in doing the right thing for you.

I’ve made some unconventional choices since starting AGL Wealth Management, all with the goal of providing our clients the highest level of service at a reasonable price. Rather than hire expensive administrative staff, I’ve outsourced many labour intensive tasks and utilised award winning technology solutions to free our advisers’ time to personally work with clients to better understand their life and financial aspirations, and help turn these into the reality of a secure and rewarding future.

Over the forthcoming weeks, I’ll be introducing you to members of my team who will provide their insights on wealth management, financial planning and corporate solutions that may resonate with many of you.

You can follow us on LinkedIn (AGL Wealth) (AGL Corporate), Twitter (@AglWealth) (@AGLCorpServ) or download our informative brochures from our websites get our latest thoughts on investing and financial planning, and for updates about AGL Wealth Managementand AGL Corporate Services.

Best wishes,

Craig T Gibson, Managing Director

PS Remember you’ll never be charged to speak to us about our services. So please give me a call (0141 314 3765) to find out more and to see if we’d be a good fit for you.