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AGL Wealth Management offers independent wealth management advice to individuals, trustees and businesses, specifically designed around their individual circumstances.


Investing your funds to grow your wealth

At AGL Wealth Management we combine our best investment ideas to give you the best chance of meeting your financial goals. Whether recommending a discretionary management service, investment models or a bespoke advisory strategy that is right for you, you can rest assured that our approach to investment focuses on accumulating wealth and enhancing its value in carefully considered ways.

Your adviser will ensure that your plan is aligned to your personal situation and circumstances. Regular reviews will ensure that the strategy adopted remains appropriate as your circumstances change over time.

With a view to ensuring adequate risk controls are in place your portfolio will be well diversified across different asset classes and geographies with a view to smoothing long term returns.

Both our external and in-house investment research is constantly reviewed and updated making use of specialised research tools to ensure that our recommendations are timely and relevant with consideration given to economic, political and market conditions. With this expertise we can actively manage your investments, steering them through complex markets, and importantly we can take advantage of any opportunities that may present themselves.

Our portfolios combine a number of strategies with the aim of providing cost-effective returns. Where appropriate, you will have your portfolios confidently constructed making use of conventional mutual funds along with more sophisticated securities such as Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds and your portfolio will be actively managed to deliver value in the long term.

An important aspect of your portfolio will be to select the correct tax wrappers (ISAs for example) to ensure that your monies are invested tax-efficiently on an ongoing basis, providing flexibility to grow and manage wealth over the long term.


Planning for your retirement

The first part in planning for retirement is to start saving for retirement. Typically this will involve funding a pension and the sooner you start saving the better.

Pensions currently enjoy some of the most generous tax reliefs available to main-stream investors which are ultimately designed to help your savings grow quicker. Your advisers will explain in simple terms what reliefs are available to you, the most appropriate way to fund your pension pot and what type of scheme is most appropriate given our understanding of your circumstances and objectives, whether it be a Stakeholder, Personal Pension or a SIPP.

Funding your retirement

Since April 2015 personal pension arrangements have become significantly more flexible with the effect that it is now possible to tailor your retirement income to provide a tax-efficient cash-flow that suits your requirements throughout retirement.

Our experts will provide recommendations on how best to fund your retirement (which may include the use of other non-pension investments) based on your circumstances and objectives, and will consider the whole market, including the following:

Income Drawdown: This is the most flexible way of funding your retirement via pension. Typically ‘income’ would be funded using tax free cash and income which are drawn directly from the fund, allowing you to have a huge amount of control over how much you receive and when. This allows you to effectively manage your tax position in retirement.

The remainder of the fund remains within the pension pot and continues to enjoy the associated tax advantages and may benefit from any market growth on the underlying investments, potentially increasing the value of future benefits that can be drawn.

That said there is also the possibility that the fund may reduce in value in times of market weakness, meaning that the future level of benefit available may not be sufficient to meet your needs. This is why it is extremely important to regularly review drawdown arrangements to ensure their ongoing suitability.

Since 2015 drawdown pots have also become an extremely important tool with regard to Inheritance Tax planning as they are generally speaking deemed to be outwith your estate and can therefore be passed to beneficiaries free of IHT. This is a complex area of financial planning and your adviser will provide more detail as necessary.

Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS): UFPLS gives you the opportunity to take lump sum withdrawals from your pension pot, either via a partial withdrawal or withdrawal of the full fund. Up to 25% of the fund can be withdrawn tax free with the balance taken as income. The income tax charge can be significant for larger funds.

Annuities: Where a pension fund is used to buy an annuity, the annuity product will pay a regular stream of income for the rest of your life. The income available from annuities is linked to fixed interest securities such a long term gilt yields and therefore when yields are low (such as they are now) annuities can appear unattractive.

The terms of the annuity will be agreed at outset and generally speaking the payments cannot be changed in the future. A number of benefits and options can be ‘built-in’ to the annuity such as escalation, guaranteed payment periods and spouse’s benefits however including more options generally decreases the income paid. That said the payments are guaranteed and this feature can be valuable to some investors.

Inheritance Tax and Succession Planning

For individuals who are concerned with preserving and managing wealth we offer advice and guidance on the various aspects of wealth management, from inheritance tax (IHT) mitigation and family succession to trust and tax planning.

Without due consideration IHT can have a substantial, and sometimes unexpected, impact on your family’s assets. At AGL Wealth Management we have the technical expertise and experience to recommend and implement the most appropriate solutions to manage this incorporating trusts, insurance policies or simply making gifts throughout your lifetime.

True wealth management is not a one-off exercise and your arrangements, whether simple or complex, should be reviewed regularly to ensure that they remain relevant and appropriate. Though there are many options available, AGL Wealth Management understand what is right for you.

Financial Protection

Having secure foundations in place is the bedrock of any successful financial planning strategy as this gives you and your family peace of mind that you have the means to deal with life events such as sudden illness, injury or death.

Whether you need to protect your family or your business, or to plan for inheritance tax, insurance policies can help to guarantee a secure financial future.

AGL Wealth Management have the expertise and technical ability to recommend and arrange the most relevant solutions to complement your plans.


We know that buying your first home, re-mortgaging or moving house can be daunting. Our mortgage proposition removes the stress and you can be confident that we will arrange the most cost-efficient and appropriate scheme on your behalf.

As a mortgage is secured against your home, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up the mortgage repayments.

A wealth management strategy that
reflects your desired lifestyle

AGL Wealth Management understand that it takes time and a bit of imagination to step into your future, look back and to understand what needs to happen for you to enjoy your desired lifestyle. We will work with you to develop a wealth management strategy that reflects your investment goals, your personal circumstances, your investment time frame and your attitude to risk.

To review your situation and discuss the options available, please contact AGL Wealth Management for further information.

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