Parties Under the Microscope: Infrastructure

election & UK infrastructure

In the next of our Parties Under the Microscope series, we’re talking UK infrastructure. A hugely important issue yet it can often be difficult to engage voters on the topic. Why? Massive investments and long timelines make for a nuanced discussion which can often lag behind in a short term campaign and an audience focused on quick deliverables. In light of Brexit, a continued dedication to infrastructure will become more crucial than ever to ensure our continued economic competitiveness.  In this article, we will also list the different party aims with regards to the National Health Service.

Each of the main parties has addressed the issue of UK infrastructure in their respective manifestos but as to be expected, in very different ways. Once again, we’ll take a look at what the manifestos of the Conservatives, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party have to say on the issue. We’ll begin with the Conservatives.

The Conservatives

The Tories have set out the importance of building a strong economy as one of their five major challenges moving forward. Although they have recognised the importance of infrastructure in accomplishing this, they have not set out a specific section in the manifesto dedicated to it. They have however pledged the below:

The Labour Party

The Labour Party set out the boldest strategy with regards to infrastructure, setting out a 10-year strategy totalling a £250bn investment. In their manifesto, the party remarked that investment in UK infrastructure has been ‘too concentrated in too few places.’ Their answer to bolstering infrastructure includes the below:

The Liberal Democrats

Unlike the above manifestos, the Lib Dem offering is an invitation to support the party is the primary opposition. Brexit plays a huge part in the manifesto, seeking to vehemently oppose the commencement of a hard Brexit. That said, the Lib Dems have highlighted a £100bn investment for UK infrastructure – a figure that they have stated to be both ‘responsible and realistic.’ The investment will involve prioritising the below:

The Scottish National Party

With regards to infrastructure, the Scottish National Party has focused heavily on the protection of public services in their manifesto. They believe firmly in tackling austerity and securing continued investment in our public services. They have set out a three-point fiscal plan which will release almost £120 billion for public spending. Actions will include:

We are now just a few days away from the General Election. Now is the time to brief yourself on each party’s policies and make your decision. If you have concerns over the stability of your investments in light of the current political environment, don’t hesitate to get in touch.