Parties Under the Microscope: Education


Nurseries, schools, apprenticeships, colleges and universities; all of which will be affected by the party that is elected on the 8th of June. Education continues to play a prominent role during this campaign period, with each of the main political parties setting out how they plan to address some of the more pressing challenges, including education funding, improving standards and access to high quality educational provision, and supporting young people’s mental health. We’ve looked at each party’s manifesto and taken the time to analyse each of their plans for the UK’s education system.

The Conservative Party

The Conservatives have made the most modest pledges on education in comparison to the other parties. They state that they are determined to tackle the longstanding educational divisions in the UK and support ordinary working families. They plan on doing this by offering better schools, a knowledge-rich curriculum, support to teachers, fairer funding, technical educations and more career training. Their manifesto breaks down each of these categories. Here are their biggest pledges:

The Labour Party  

Labour have by far made the largest additional spending pledge on education – £25.3bn more per year than current government plans by 2021- 22. Labour plan to create a  unified National Education Service (NES) for England to move towards cradle-to-grave learning that is free at the point of use. The NES will be based upon the principle that education matters for everyone, whether that be adult or child. The Labour party’s policies can be broken down into each stage of the education process, from early years to higher education. We have analysed each stage and pulled the key pledges:

 The Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have placed education at the heart of their agenda, promising to offer  every child a great start in life so they are equipped to shape their own future, and are determined to make sure that the education system finds and unleashes the best in everyone. They plan on doing this by introducing a pupil premium, investing in children who might otherwise fall behind. The Liberal Democrats key pledges for the next parliament are:

The Scottish National Party

The SNP promise to provide a smarter Scotland; not only for young people but for adults that wish to learn also. They promise to invest in good education for Scotland, and give young people the best possible start in life.

The UK stance on education will impact directly on the preparedness of our future generations. Whilst many parts of each manifesto focus on research and development spend on key sectors, parliament must remain aware that the true path to innovation begins in our education systems. Each of the party manifestos is available online from their respective websites, should you wish to carry out further research. Here at AGL Wealth, we practice a culture of accountability and due diligence- especially in the face of uncertainty. Should you feel that you would like to talk to an expert with regards to your portfolio in light of the current political climate, do not hesitate to get in touch.