Key positions can unlock growth potential and are a sound business strategy to help position a firm for sustainable growth

We work closely with SMEs and help them holistically in terms of the running of their business; we do this through our carefully selected panel of partners, all specialists in their fields.  We believe it’s important to “practice what we preach” and felt that being open and honest about how we operate fits in with our ethos.

A successful financial advisory firm requires more than experienced financial planners, just like any other business the back office and operations of the firm are a crucial part of growing a successful business and delivering on the promise of great client service.

It’s dealing with projects large scale and small and supporting the managing director and the team with delivery. This includes management information, financials, recruitment, learning and development, processes and technology as well as marketing and staying focused on delivering a first class service for clients

Smaller firms in particular require personnel to be able to wear a variety of hats and within AGL that person is the Operations Manager, leaving our financial planners to do what they do best, focus on their clients. There are ever changing elements within the business, which include managing projects in IT and software, HR, and looking into financials. It’s important to be able to look at the issue and decide, on a scale of 1 to 10 how important it is now, will it still be as important in 6 months or a year and how can you influence a positive outcome for the firm.

Perhaps the most important thing about the role is you have to enjoy it! I really love this role and feel passionate about the business and that leads me to look for efficiency and success wherever I can. Negotiation skills and the ability to adapt and think creatively are also valuable.

What does the role of operations manager bring to a company?

Perhaps one of the major values of employing an operations manager is that it helps free up the time of the chief executives to do the things that they should be focusing upon.  It means there is a proper focus on the operational area. Too often operations can be overlooked in a firm, where winning new business is seen as adding value to the business and the day-to-day servicing of that business. However, without some kind of recognised control, often processes and procedures just get thrown together without any strategic thought. Having a dedicated operations manager role gives someone the responsibility to focus on what needs doing and making sure it is done efficiently, cost effectively and keep delivering the best to our clients at the heart of what we do.

Our advisers have more time to focus on new business and servicing their clients, and improvements in processes have a direct effect on the advisory side of the business. The advantage here is client and staff retention and these benefits can be clearly measured.

It’s about moving the business forward and onto the next level.  An operations manager can focus on the next steps, creating competence where you can and focus in on what you need in order to scale the business to where you want to be in two, five, eight years’ time.

We remain passionate at AGL about face to face financial advice and the benefits of long term relationships with our clients as their trusted advisers.  If you’d like to know more, do get in touch.  You’ll find our contact details here.

Lynn Manley, Operations Manager

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