Employee Benefits – Helping your company stand out from the crowd

Many thanks to all those who attended the “Employee Benefits – Helping your company stand out from the crowd” seminar run in conjunction with HR Consultancy this week. The feedback thus far has been incredibly positive which supports what I have been hearing in the market, that employers are more focused on rewarding employees than they have been in years. This is hardly a surprise, as growth begins to stabilise in the UK, the war for talent heats up again and with it the challenge to attract and retain good staff intensifies. The message is a pretty simple one, if you don’t offer your staff any form of benefits package then you need to start to consider it, and you’ll need help exploring the options. If you do offer benefits, can they be improved, is the distribution method right and are your administrators drowning or waving?

If anyone is interested in hearing more, please get in touch.

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