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Snapchat and the IPO Process

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snapchat investment
IPO stands for ‘initial public offering’. It marks the first time that shares of a privately held company are offered to the public. In early March, Snap, the company behind social media platform Snapchat, entered the stock market. Their entrance was not only much talked about because of the siz

Article from the Scotsman’s Vision Scotland

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AGL Wealth Management has combined innovative ‘robo-advice’ with highly personalised client support to carve out a successful niche in the financial advisory world. DAVID LEE asks its Senior Wealth Manager Steven Sweeney and Managing Director Craig Gibson about its “practical but innovativ

Creating the Blended Adviser Experience

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Much has been written about the surge of the “robo-adviser” and the impending doom it signals for the traditional financial adviser business model. Such press is giving many advisers and clients alike pause: is this simply a short-term fad, or is something bigger happening? Like most things in l

The rise of the robo-adviser

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2015 was defiantly the year that robots finally arrived in the UK investment area. So-called robo-advisers, or automated investment services, are now firmly established in the US, where fund groups and specialist firms have pioneered algorithm-based investing, and it seems momentum is now gathering